Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dracula & Merlena Dietrich

All went well yesterday. I had the Bronchoscopy (an instrument down the mouth and passed down into the air passages of the lungs looking for tumor growth and and taking a sample tissue) and then followed by a Mediastinoscopy where a 1 1/2 incision is made at the bottom of the neck, sends an instrument down behind the breastbone and between the lungs and takes samples of tissue and the lump nodes) . This is done for Cancer staging. Staging of Cancer is staged at 1-4. So we will know by Wednesday the stage. For now we are hoping for the best and are still having a lower right lobe lobectomy next Monday.(A lobectomy is the removal of one lobe of the lung.) ( Did you know you have 3 lobes in the right lobe and only 2 lobes in left...the heart takes up the space in the left so only two lobes there...who knew!) Sven took me home around 4pm. Felt like I have been bitten by a very frustrated Dracula. Then someone tried to save me with a with a bullet to the chest...only, FIRST! Drukuuula could not find a good vein in my neck. Hehehe, my veins are soo small and they roll....who knew they also rolled in my neck! Take that! Drac!

So Druc went for my throat!. The pain from the chest that feels like a bullet hit ( although I have never been hit by a bullet). But no worries alahs it was not a silver bullet so I will be fine.
Sven has been awesome, my rock. Much better today hurts to talk, I sound a little like Marlena Dietrich ( I said a little ).

Marelene Dietrich singing "Where have all the flowers gone"

Please stop the mini player to hear the song.
Beautiful in any language


  1. Bonjour Desiree,
    All my best wishes to you. I did not know you were having these precedures. Will pray that all will go well and for a speedy recovery. You have kept your sense of humour, one of the best medicines! Will check back with you soon.

  2. I have lit a candle for you and asked our Lord, though the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help,(Our Lady of Perpet Help Day is each Wednesday) to please cure you.
    Thanks for your beautiful post and music today