Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Houston we have a problem

Illustration by Ana Juan vist her at

One June 7th 2010, I went in for a VAT ( Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic ) surgery. ( I placed a video from youtube at the bottom that explains this type of's about 1:30minutes) With VAT an assisted camera is inserted , then 4 cuts are made to remove the tumor. Well , what the camera found once inside was more than they bargained for. As it turned out much more cancer with nobes had spread over the entire lining of my lungs. Making this the secondary site. So they aborted the surgery and left the tumor in and closed me back up, with a drainage bag. The findings being not stage 1, but Stage IV non-operable lung cancer with a Malignant Pleural Effusion. Sadly there is no stage V, the average life expectancy for lung cancer with a malignant pleural effusion (which is what I have) is less than 6 months. The median survival time (the time at which 50% of people have died and 50% are still living) is 4 months. Hubbie and I are not going down with out a fight, we know that time is of the essence. So we are looking into Cancer Clinics , the one that looks promising now is OHI it has it's office in San Diego, but the hospital is in Mexico. "The Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico is across the border not far from San Diego airport. It is the only clinic allowed to use the Issels Treatment and it uses the Laetrile treatment. Sven and I have already talked to a consultant to see the next step. So we are not giving up hope. Regarding Chemotherapy and radiation. Chemo would only palliate as I have non-small cell lung cancer so chemo will not help, .and because of my Lupus radiation is not an option.
Although Sven and I are going to go to the mattress!
WHAT IS VAT SURGERY - My surgery was it Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria BC

(illustration by Ana Juan)


  1. Good luck. So much good luck.

  2. Desiree, only God knows how proud I am to be your mother. I pray you know the positive impact you have (and had) on so many people's lives, The joy you have given continously, the knowledge you share, the essence of you, mind and spirit cannot be measured. I adore you. My love is written in stone, and my prayers are constant

  3. Dear Desiree,
    I'm not sure if you will remember me. My sister is Gigi Mangosing and I am her little sister, Tito. I have flown with you a handful of times and known you to be kind, funny and friendly. This morning she told me of all that you were going through and in disbelief, I thought of you all day. No words can express what I am feeling, but I am so grateful that I met you. God bless you my friend. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are amazing. Thank you for teaching me to be a better flight attendant.