Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Existentialist Pickle

"Whenever I get myself into an existentialist pickle, I ask myself, what would Kafka do? Got it! Turn into a cockroach!"
Joe McFadden
(Kafka Kandinsky but Immanuel Kant 60 x 48 oil)

...A few appointments later with a few more tears, one step back then 1/2 step still in the air and here we are. I was without words to update my blog, so many emotions, no real ups, numbness ( is that a word?), should I stay or should I go and be a guinea pig vs quality of life?

...well... I decided to be a guinea pig and have quality of life. We got the news from the Oncologist that I was approved for the new ( 2003) oral drug (it's a type of Chemo but you take one pill a day) called Iressa. They took a sample of my tumor to test for a genetic maker mutation called EGFR. It appears that Iressa only seems to work for lung cancer patients with this mutation. It is suppose to shrink the tumor thus slow down the cancer. It will not cure, nor will the cancer go into remission, but it has been show to help give 7.6 months with a 32% of 1 year, and with less side affects than traditional Chemo, and better quality of life.
I am on day 4, and just a two side effects...ahhh life is good again. Humor lives on! Cheers


  1. Will keep the prayers going and wishing you a miracle. Love your blog and I missed reading your beautiful posts. Please keep writing.

    Helen Tilston

  2. I discovered your blog tonight, and I was struck, by your reality. I just stopped, to say a prayer for you.

  3. health issues can be such an emotional roller coaster. I remember finding out I had Lupus and being so happy that they found out what was wrong yet on the other hand, I just found out I had this awful disease, happy, sad, happy, sad...I am happy you have a partner to help you through this and help you savor the "good" days. Love you and hoping you beat the odds, it DOES happen!