Monday, May 17, 2010

Roller Coaster

I just went for a visit to  "Oh Hello are loved" blog...I do not know why I chose her blog to visit first...but I know that was the place I was suppose be. I am sadden to hear the news about her Mom affectionately called"Anna Banana" ( because she wears a little bit of yellow every day). And I too along with many of our blog family send out warmth and hope that it has not spread.
Three years ago my husband and I moved to Vancouver Island to be closer to his parents on Cortes Island. Sven (my hubby) already had his Canadian Citizenship, but I still needed to go through the immigration process. Part of the process is to have a medical checkup involving x-rays. About 2 weeks later I received a call to go to the TB clinic. First, I was healthy as a horse...while as healthy as a horse with Lupus ( that was under control).. and I had turned into a 5'5 cherub not having exercised off those honeymoon pounds  even though we had been married for two years. The second for both of us, happily bliss for finding each other getting ready to flip over to our 50's.
Needless to say, I did not have any symptom's nor did I remotely look like someone with TB. I was a little nervous, but knew I could not have TB. The doctor after 3 months of  test and x-rays cleared me... but said that he would like to keep an eye on the  small spot they located on my right lung ( I thought it was most likely from a serious car accident  I had in my 20's forwarded 1 year later, Sven noticed that I was coughing at night in my sleep, this turned into a dry constant irritating  dry cough that I thought I should talk  to the doctor...more x-rays followed...followed by a bronchoscopy  followed by a biopsy.
Two weeks ago the results came in, and it turned out to be lung cancer. I have never ,ever been a smoker, nor allowed it in any of my homes. Cannot even be around people who smoke. Come to find out only 10% of  lung cancer patients are from non-smokers.
I have always been healthy, and except for my Lupus (SLE) which I have always been able to control  by taking the fewest meds and a healthy lifestyle, who would have thunk!
The past 3 weeks have been a roller coaster. Last week I met with the Oncologist, and then my surgeon that will do the surgery. Presently it looks like my procedure will be the VATS minimal access right lower lobectomy... but that may change depending on what the mediastinoscopy shows, which I am scheduled for next week. The mediastnoscopy is a procedure in which a lighted instrument is inserted through the front of the neck down through the mid-part of the chest and tissue samples are taken from the lymph nodes near the bronchial tubes. They will test these for cancer and this will determine if the cancer has spread to other parts of the the body. At also stages the cancer , which will be from 1-4.
I go in for my Pulmonary function test tomorrow,  this checks for the breathing ability of the the lungs.... followed on Wednesday with my pre-op exam.
Meanwhile I am reading all that I can on lung cancer, diet, and exercise. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused on any one thing and I feel at the end of the day I have not accomplished much of anything. Oh well...I feel as anything that keeps me busy is a good thing.
My hubbie his mom, dad and sister, not to mention our neighbors have been awesome with their support.
Meanwhile I am finding some great recipes, that already seem to be helping. I will list it on my next post.
I am working on a mostly raw diet now. I the morning I start with a Beet juice detox and energy drink. NO! I still can not STAND the taste, and I drink it as fast as I can. But ,I know it is so good for me, and hubbie even chugs it down with me in the morning. He hates it too, but like me we know we will get use to it, although we have been taking it for a week and still have not fallen in love it. But it is a beautiful color. LOL!

You will need a juicer
3-4 beets
1 thumbs lenngth of ginger
3 parnsips
4 carrots

Cut up all , then juice
...drink one glass every morning


  1. Bonjour ~ Just stopped by your blog today. I must say that you have a very good positive attitude. This will carry you through to the happy & healthy ending that you deserve. Sending good wishes and healthy blessings ~ Chelle

  2. Hello Desiree- Like Chelle above, I just found your blog and love all I have read. I will keep you in my prayers and look forward to future blogs