Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To Be Loved

( The Mourning Clock by ParkeHarrison)
This last week has been filled with many ups and down with dear friends calling and emailing their prayers and good wishes to stay strong...and I thank you all dearly for your support. But sometimes the nights are hard, like the other night as Sven held me as a quietly wept. Not saying a word just his strong arms hold me...  the next moring there was a letter he had typed in the early morning hours laying on my keyboard.
It was such a beautiful letter that touched my heart...I know what is to be loved by such an incredible man. I wanted to share it here.

The Letter

If I had words that truly can say how much I love you I would be happy.
If I could find a way to tell you just how much this all hurts, my tears would flow like rivers.
But as I am I am bound by me being me that has formed over my live time it is hard to change but I try.
If I only could do something to change this verdict you where handed I would give half of what it would take of my live to prolong yours so we could be together till the end
I still can not see a path alone and I think of all the things you do to make our lives better and lovable
But what I feel most cheated off is the fact that I will never really get to know you and never will discover all the knowledge you have.
Never to see all the things that you carried together, why and how.
It will always be a brush, a touch, a faint kiss that encompassed out lives together and I very much dislike that thought being cheated of sailing into the sunset together.
Sharing the dream we both had.


  1. Oh Desiree,

    That letter is so full of love and so eloquently written, I have goosebumps...Sven must be an amazing are in good company.

    I am sending positive thoughts your way...the sun is out today where I live and I hope that you encounter something cheerful and unexpected today, something that makes you smile.

    Hugs from the Hostess

  2. Dear Desiree,
    My deepest heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with and your family. I came across this through a friend, it showed up on my wall. I thank God that you have the love and support that you need at these moments in your life. I shared the blog on my wall and asked for more prayers. I am amazed with your spirit and determination and truly believe that is half the battle in itself. I pray that you continue to find the bright spot in your days and that your spirit stays strong. From the bottom of my heart, much love and many hugs to you and yours.

  3. I love your blog!

    Have a nice time!

  4. I remember when you met Sven....the sparkle in your eye and your smile said it all...he is one lucky man to have found you...and what a blessing God gave him to you..."beautiful letter".
    Many hugs,
    Mo :-)