Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Somedays are better than others!

Once told you know...you know! So what to do next? 
Welll... try to become The Seventh Samurai !
 With that kind of  strong determination,  to keep getting up in the morning/midday LOL! and enjoying life regardless of the odds!
I go in Nov12th  for my next update on my latest x-ray. ...so we  shall see what shows...



  1. Hey Desiree,
    I miss you girl. I can come up anytime. Just give me the go ahead. Text me, or leave a message on my home of cell please. Always your friend Patrice

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  3. Hi Desiree, (how weird, the last post was from a Patrice too!)Hazel Green was on my flight today and told me of the fight that you are waging. I just wanted to tell you that I am praying for your strength and healing. I have always admired your adventurous spirit and quirky personality and I miss our occasional contact. Now I see that your strength and optimism are additional qualities to admire! Stay strong. Patrice (SWA)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Desiree and Sven !!! I thinkin' positive thoughts for you !!! xoxoxox

  5. Found your blog and have been reading about your great fight. I hope you had some good news. My thoughts are with you.