Friday, September 24, 2010

To Yanni Mai dear"Flowers for a Ghost [The Tudors/Elizabeth]"

To you Yaani-Mai my dear old roomie after all these are still here beside me, and with me at my side in the darkest time of my dropped everything... and you and Gene dropped things and came from Dallas by plane, car and ferry to Vancouver Island BC Canada just because you are you...and Gene asked you..." after all this time what do you  two have in common?...that question can not be answered because only we understand...and only we really get it LOL!!! how I love you my best friend....because you get me....and have always understood me like I understand you and your many wonderful and crazy layers, and how I love your soul. You my dearest friend understands the many crazy layers of my also took me to my first foreign movie "Babette's Feast" understood my love of other cultures and food... and as roomies between the two of us...we could not even boil water in the 70's LOL! you dear friend... and thank you Gene...
This song and this period in time ....was my favorite in research, history and art encompasses so much for me.


  1. Desiree, dearest friend. You know you mean the world to me and I would do anything for you. True friendship transcends all, miles... time... nothing can keep us apart. You will forever be close to me in my heart.

    I love you so very dearly too Desiree.